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Privacy Policy

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PLAIN CONCEPTS Group is committed to protecting your privacy and to complying with the legislation on personal data protection, specifically with the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter, GDPR) and the personal data protection regulation applicable in each country where the different companies of the PLAIN CONCEPTS Group are established.

The processing of personal data carried out by PLAIN CONCEPTS, will be done in accordance with the principles of loyalty, lawfulness, appropriateness, and transparency, always in accordance with specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes. PLAIN CONCEPTS undertakes to keep your data up to date and to keep them only for the time necessary to fulfil the purposes of the processing.

This website is property of PLAIN CONCEPTS S.L.U. (hereinafter “PLAIN CONCEPTS”), Spanish entity established in Spain (State belonging to the European Union and The European Economic Area), responsible of the processing of personal data collected through this website. You can consult the information relating to the entity that manages the website by accessing the link Legal Notice which is incorporated in the footer of the web page.

This Privacy Policy informs you how PLAIN CONCEPTS will process your personal data as a result of your use of this website.

By using this website, you consent the collection, processing, transfer, storage, and other aspects of the processing of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and its terms and conditions. If you don’t fully agree with them, you should not use this website.

Any update or modification of this Privacy Policy will be communicated to you through this website.


The Controller of the processing is PLAIN CONCEPTS S.L.U., with C.I.F.: B24532178 and registered office at Calle Ledesma 10 bis, 3º, 48001-Bilbao (Spain). PLAIN CONCEPTS has designated a Data Protection Officer (DPO), whom you can contact by sending an e-mail to to resolve any questions regarding this Privacy Policy.


The personal data processed by PLAIN CONCEPTS is the data you provide when you fill in the registration form or application form for the event or in the framework of any other PLAIN CONCEPTS event in which you have participated. If applicable, PLAIN CONCEPTS will process your image and/or your voice that appears in the photographs or videos taken during the event. PLAIN CONCEPTS can also process the data relating to disabilities or food allergies that you may submit to PLAIN CONCEPTS according to the specific characteristics of the event and in order toensure a satisfactory service.


PLAIN CONCEPTS will process tour personal data for the following purposes:

a) Inscription and sending of the invitation to the event, and where appropriate, sending of
the satisfaction survey.
b) Management of your involvement, participation or collaboration in the event.
c) Access control at the place where the event take place.
d) With the purpose to promotion PLAIN CONCEPTS brand, the creation and/or editing of
photographs and videos taken during the event for subsequent broadcasting in legal
media and on PLAIN CONCEPTS social media profiles.


The legal basis in accordance with the article 6 GDPR for the processing of your personal data is as follows:

For the purposes mentioned in letters a), b) and c) above, the legal basis is the legitimate interests of PLAIN CONCEPTS (art. 6.1 f) GDPR), for the appropriate management of your participation and attendance to the event you have applied, to ensure the security of the facilities where the events take place and, where appropriate, to know the degree of satisfaction of the participants.

For the gathering of images taken during the event, letter d) of the previous paragraph we differentiate:

− General shots: the legal basis is the legitimate interest of PLAIN CONCEPTS (art. 6.1 f) GDPR), for the advertising and promotion of the PLAIN CONCEPTS brand.
− Close-ups: (where the person can be directly recognised): the legal basis is your consent to attend the event. With your attendance you will be authorizing the transfer of your image rights free of charge, for use in all known, present, or future legal media and without geographical limitation. These close-ups may be taken directly by the PLAIN CONCEPTS team or by contracted third parties.


Your personal data may be communicated to the following groups:

a) Companies of the PLAIN CONCEPTS Group: in some cases, your personal data will be communicated to other companies of the PLAIN CONCEPTS Group for internal administration purposes if the event is of an international nature and requires the participation of all or some of the companies of the group.

Some of the group’s companies are located outside the European Economic Area (EEA), which entails an international data transfer. Some of these countries don’ have an adequate level of personal data protection (the USA and Australia) and such transfers may be a risk to your privacy. Therefore, with your registration or, if applicable, with the purchase of the ticket and/or your participation in the event, you are accepting and giving your explicit consent for the transfers to be made to the aforementioned two countries where the companies of the group are located and always in accordance with the purposes described above.

Therefore, international data transfers to the following companies of the group are foreseen:

  • Plain Concepts Australia PTD LTD (Australia).
  • Plain Concepts UK LTD (United Kingdom).
  • Plain Concepts CORP INC (USA).

b) Sponsors/Partners: some events may be organised jointly with other companies in the sector with which there is a collaboration agreement and there may be a transfer of attendees’ data to these companies or organisations for the purpose of providing information about the products or services they provide, as well as to carry out marketing activities related to them.

For this reason, you will be informed in advance of such transfers and if there are international transfers of data to third countries that lack adequate guarantees, requesting your explicit consent to carry them out.

c) Companies or organizations directly related to the Controller: your data may be communicated to external services providers that are directly related to PLAIN CONCEPTS, which are necessaries for the organisation and development of the event,such a security companies, owners of the venues or spaces where the event takes place, catering services, companies in charge of issuing accreditations, photography, and video companies…etc.
With all of these companies (processors) PLAIN CONCEPTS has signed the corresponding contracts for the processing of personal data, which specific obligations in terms of security and purpose s of the processing. In the event that one of these companies is located outside the European Economic Area and there is an international transfer of data to a third country which, in some cases, involves certain risks to your privacy due to lack of an adequacy decision ad adequate safeguards, PLAIN CONCEPTS will ensure that appropriate measures are in force to ensure that your data is protected in the country and organisation of destination country and organisation in the same or similar terms to those foreseen I the European regulations.

d) EVENTBRITE: PLAIN CONCEPTS uses Eventbrite for whole management process, free acquisition, and purchase of tickets for the events. The processing of your personal data through this platform will be carried out in accordance with the Eventbrite’s Privacy
Policy which you can consult in the following link:

Eventbrite will be the processor of your personal data and is subject to a data processing agreement (DPA), which is incorporated in the term and conditions of the service purchased by PLAIN CONCEPTS.
This agreement includes Eventbrite’s legal obligations as processor of the personal data in accordance with the GDPR, that can be viewed at the following link: lg=en_GB

Eventbrite stores personal data in the United States, thus resulting in an international transfer of data to a third country outside the European Economic Area. To ensure that the personal data can be legally transferred, Eventbrite agrees that it will be bound by the Standard contractual Clauses (“STCs”) issued pursuant to Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2021/194 of 4 June 2021. Eventbrite has signed such clauses which can be consult at the following link:

PLAIN CONCEPTS has also signed Eventbrite’s STCs for evidence of proof and to ensure that the international transfer takes place in strict compliance with the GDPR. You can consult PLAIN CONCEPTS at any time to find out about the specific safeguards that have been put in place for the protection of your personal data.

e) Social media: PLAIN CONCEPTS, may make publications on the company’s social media profiles, where your image and/or voice will be treated. If you are directly recognised, you will be asked for your prior consent, in accordance with section 4 of this privacy policy, and you will be informed of the details of this processing. PLAIN CONCEPTS will
process the data in each social media in accordance with the regulations and privacy policy established for this purpose by each of them, informing you that some of the social media used by PLAIN CONCEPTS contemplate the international transfer of data to third countries.


PLAIN CONCEPTS will keep your personal data for the management and access to the event until the end of the same. Your image and voice will be kept until you exercise your right of deletion or withdraw your consent in accordance with section 4 above.

Nevertheless, the data will be kept for the corresponding period to comply with legal obligations and during the applicable prescription periods to deal with possible liabilities arising from the processing. In this case, the data will be kept duly blocked until the prescription period of the possible legal liabilities associated with the processing has elapsed.


You can exercise your rights under current data protection regulations (access, rectification and deletion of your data, data portability, limitation or opposition to their processing, the right no to be subject to automate decisions, as well as the right to obtain clear and transparent information on the processing of data), you may send a communication by e-mail to the address: attaching a copy of your National Identity Document or equivalent, or
send a communication to the Data Protection Delegate at the e-mail also have the right to make a reclamation to the Spanish Data Protection Agency via its website